Australian Bush Flower Essences

The history of flower essences, the basic principles and practices, can be traced back thousands of years with many cultures using them to treat emotional health and wellbeing. Once again we are beginning to understand the role that emotional wellbeing has to play on the health of the whole person. Flower essences have been described as vibrational therapy (they act on the subtle energies of the body) which can be used to help manage the emotional demands of everyday life. They can also help with a number of physical conditions especially when there is an emotional connection, either a cause or a consequence. Like homeopathy they can be used by the whole family, young and old like. They can also be taken in combination with other medications and therapies.

There are several different types of flower essences available, perhaps the most widely known here in the UK are the Bach remedies, the Australian Bush Flower essences are made using the same methods and principles but with the flora and fauna of Australia . The Bush essences are available individually as well as in combinations formulated for specific applications. Combinations can of course be made up for your specific requirements. You may find that different types of flower essences will affect you in different ways. I personally have found the Bush Essences to have a much gentler but deeper and longer lasting effect than many of their British counterparts. It was this experience that influenced me to study them in greater depth.

The essences are usually prescribed in a liquid form (with a small amount of preserving alcohol in) but can be added to pills/tablets as used for homeopathic remedies. This is particularly useful when travelling by plane or simply if you prefer the tablets to a liquid remedy. They can also be used topically (i.e. on your skin) either as a liquid or a cream and in a mist spray which can be good for treating several people in a group or even a whole room.

Flower essences in general work gently yet powerfully to help bring about changes that are truly needed and wanted in order for you to live a better, healthier, happier life.