Self Help Booklets

I have produced a range of self-help booklets, for various conditions, designed to help you choose a remedy when you want to treat yourself in an acute situation. These booklets include:

Breast Cancer – This includes remedies which breast cancer sufferers may find help
with reducing and treating the severity of side effects and symptoms
specific to their treatment and recovery without interfering with any
other treatments.

Cancer – This is a more general guide than the breast cancer one but covers the same
sort of topics. These include typical side effects and symptoms of cancer
treatment and recovery.

Menopause – This includes remedies which women may find helpful in treating a
range of menopausal symptoms.

Pregnancy and Childbirth – This includes remedies which can help from the early
stages of pregnancy right through to child birth.

Children – This is an ideal companion to the ‘Pregnancy and Childbirth’ booklet and
covers a range of problems encountered by many parents from nappy rash
to eczema, first aid remedies to ‘first day at school nerves’.

First aid – This includes remedies which can be used for acute conditions such as cuts
and grazes, bruises, headaches and nausea.

Musculoskeletal – This includes a range of conditions and problems involving the
joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Sports injuries – This covers remedies which can be used for sports related injuries
as well as other injuries to joints, muscles etc which may not be
sports related. Ideal for athletes both amateur and professional.

Australian Bush Flower Essences – These are the Australian equivalent of the Bach
Flower remedies. This booklet is designed to give people an idea of
which Australian Bush Flower Essences they can use for a wide
range of conditions especially mental and emotional symptoms.

Prices start at just £1 (plus P&P) for further details on price and how to order please contact me (see the contact page).
If you are unsure as to which booklet is best for you or you can’t see what you are looking for please ask, I’ll be happy to help.
Please check back in the future as more titles are added to the list.